Landscaping Machinery
TP150 Wood Chipper
7 inch wood chipper. Ideal for chipping hedge cuttings, trees etc..
Blec SR31 Stone Rake
Great machine for leveling & preparing ground for seed after you have rotovated it.
Barreto 9hp rotavator
This machine is ideal for even the toughest ground. Super machine for large back gardens.
Stump Grinder
13hp engine. Ideal for getting down the narrow side entrances. 20 inches wide. This machine will comfortably grind out 2 diameter stumps.
Blec culti Pack Seeder
This machine roles the seed into soil giving a much better & quicker germination. In season seed sown with the cultipack will germinate between 10-15 days.
1 metre seeder. (Blec)
When you have finished with the stone rake the cultipack seeder gives the perfect finish for a great lawn. The dimpled rollers on the cultipack roll the seed into the soil giving much quicker and stronger germination.
1.5 Metre Stone Burier
Super tool for preparing large area for seed. Leaves a table top finish.
6' Finishing Mower
Will cut large areas of long grass with ease. Gives very clean finish.
6' Land leveller
Takes out the hill & hollows from an un even site to be seeded.